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Past Events
About The Ship

The USS Bismarck was started on March 8th 1992.

We have been a fan ran Star Trek group with interests in science fiction and community service. We have been around now for over 20 years, and attended 100’s of Science Fiction conventions as well as worked with a verity of charity’s  (Hope House, Big Brothers/Sisters, Salome to name a few)

We were recommissioned after 15 years, back in 2007, to bring a more up to date view of the group. We have had and still have members who are serving on the SFC Admiralty Board.

Admiral Day joined SFCQ1 in 1992, and worked his way from a Security Specialist to Security Chief, then to First Officer then Captain of the Bismarck "D" in four years. After 10 years as the CO (commanding officer) he took over command of Star Base 5. He was ask about a year later to be the Chief of Command Staff on the Admiralty Board , after serving for 4 years on the board, he stepped down in to an advisory position on the Bismarck "E" , which he did for  4 years. He was then asked to take command of the Bismarck "E" and has been the CO since then.

About the CO

The crew of the USS Bismarck is one of the nicest and most divers, group on people who have ever seen. We have members who have interests in science (engineering, computers, live steam engines), martial arts (tae kwon do, karate), as well as board games, D&D, movies and fandom dealing with Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Buffy, Avengers, just to name a few of the crews interests.

If you have been looking for a group please come and check us out.

About the Crew

Here are some photos of events, outings and partys we have done over the past 27 years

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